Notification overload


Someone sends me a tweet, email, iMessage, or I get a calendar alert


  • My Macbook alerts me
  • My iPad alerts me
  • My iPhone alerts me
  • And now my wrist vibrates as the alert is forwarded from my iPhone to my Pebble.


It would be great if Apple could solve the problem of sending notifications to whichever device is most relevant to me at the time - here are my suggestions:

  • If I’m sat casually browsing on my Macbook then alert me on there (but also send the notifications to my iPhone incase I suddenly get up and go).
  • If I’m working on my Macbook then send all notifications to my iPhone.
  • If I’m actively using my iPhone send all notifications there.
  • If I’m walking and my iPhone is sleeping in my pocket then buzz my Pebble.