Introducing OAuthello, a book about OAuth

So tonight I announced on Twitter that I’m writing a book - OAuthello, a book about OAuth.


  1. I’ve been helping Phil Sturgeon edit his book for the past few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed the process.
  2. It’s a personal challenge - I genuinely care about this subject and it motivates me.
  3. I’ve written several 5000+ word reports before in my old job so I know I’m capable of putting words on paper.
  4. Everyone else in the PHP community is writing a book so I may as well join in.

So here’s my rough plan:

  1. Publicly talk about the book so people will badger me about it and judge me if I don’t finish it.
  2. Get a few chapters done before I open the landing page up for sales.
  3. Finish the book by April/May.
  4. Talk about the whole process at Croydon Tech City once it’s published.

Here goes!

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