The League of Extraordinary Packages


Phil Sturgeon and I have been working on a little project for a while called The League of Extraordinary Packages:

The League of Extraordinary Packages has one driving mission, to track down and develop PHP packages of the highest quality possible, using modern tools, standards and practices to distribute, test and strengthen the code.

Members of The League follow the standards put forward by the PHP-FIG, follow the best practices detailed by PHP The Right Way and distribute all code through Composer.

We’ve already got some great packages on there such as DI which is a bleeding fast dependancy injection container, Geotools which makes doing geo related work a much more pleasant experience and Grunt which is a library for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines via SSH.

My OAuth2 server and client packages are now part of the League too and Ben Corlett and Phil are working on a great OAuth1 client library too.

We’ve also got an awesome logo too thanks to Dan Syme.